This process of art reproduction is available at Painter's Corner 




Gliclée (jhee-clay) is a French word loosely meaning "to spray".  In the printing industry it describes a technique of spraying ink onto the media to produce a digital print.  With the rapid advance of inks designed for the fine art market, the UV coatings designed to further preserve color quality, archival fine art produced by digital print technology is becoming the printer's definition for quality.

Unlike the editions of lithographs, printed by the hundreds or thousands in hope they will sell, Gliclée canvas or paper editions are produced as they are sold.  There is no large inventory to try to dispose of if the prints do not sell as well as hoped.  The image is stored electronically on CD's, and the prints can be produced in small quantities.  You can re-order whenever you need them, and be assured of a consistent product.


The first step is to bring or ship your original art work to Blue Springs Press.  We then scan the art work into the computer to create the closest possible reproduction of the artwork.  

The second step is to scan your art into our system, adjust it as necessary, and provide a digital proof  (approximately 8 x 10), for your approval.  Should you indicate the need for any additional changes, we will make them, and provide you with a second proof.  Further proofs, if requested, will be charged at $15.00 each.  Blue Springs Press will retain the final accepted and signed proof.

The third step is printing.  We are using high quality UV inks with a fade proof rating of 70 years.  On top of that, we apply a sealer, also UV rated, to further preserve your print from fading, moisture, and dirt.  You have the option of receiving the prints not stretched (for canvas), or not backed (for paper), or Blue Springs Press will do this for you at an additional cost.

Although we are using archival quality products with UV coatings, no fine art print, or original painting should be displayed in bright light or direct sunlight.  Educate your customers on proper placement of art work in their homes to insure many years of enjoyment.


Blue springs Press can reproduce and enlarge photos you have taken of your loved ones or scenery.  These can be printed onto photo paper, greeting cards, watercolor paper, or canvas.  We can scan and correct old, worn, or torn photos, and reprint them in the size of your choice.  The original photo will remain in its current conditions.  (All photos must be copyright free).   We can give you an approximate price after we look at the photos to be printed or restored.

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