Date: Wed, Jan 22       

Title: Fall on Rocky Bank

Class Fee: $40

Instructor: Dorothy Dent

  Rushing waters of the Rocky Bank River flow in the foreground of this pretty new summer scene…puffy white clouds in the sky, farm buildings in the distance, in peaceful greens and blues…14 x 18.  


Date: Sat, Jan 25

Title:  Creekside Barn

Class Fee: $55

Instructor:  Dorothy Dent        

Description:  Join the local art group, Between Friends, to paint this classic fall barn scene with Dorothy…$55 fee includes 12 x 16 canvas and paint.  A great opportunity to meet new people and share a fun day of painting.  Bring a sack lunch if you’d like.  Only 4 places remain, so sign up soon…

Date: Wed, Jan 29

Title: Granny Smith’s

Class Fee: $40

Instructor: Dorothy Dent

Description:  You will enjoy learning the secrets of Still Life while painting this cheerful composition of bright green Granny Smith apples in a soft grey pottery bowl, sitting on a wooden tabletop beside a tall, cream-colored pitcher filled with daisies…14 x 18.

Date: Thurs, Jan 30

Title: Sequin Light at Dusk

Class Fee: $40

Instructor: Dorothy Dent

Description:  Early evening scene...bright light shines out from the lighthouse tower warning all ships at sea to take care..in muted tones of blue-greys, soft browns, and pale orange…

14 x 18.

Date:  Fri, Jan 31

Title:  Lakeside Cabin

Class Fee: $40

Instructor: Dorothy Dent

Description:  An old log cabin with smoke rising from the chimney sits beside a quiet country lake in the lush green countryside…wooden fence and little wildflowers are scattered in the foreground…vertical format…

16 x 20.


Jan 17-19
Hardy's Art Studio - Madoc, Ontario
Contact: Katherine Hardy
Phone:  866-989-4333    Email:

Hidden Pond
16 x 20

Springtime Serenity
16 x 20

Summer's Glow
12 x 24

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